How Does Homeschooling Work? You wouldn’t believe how simple it is

How Does It Work?

Anytime I tell someone that I¬†homeschool my boys, they usually get a confused look on their face and ask me, “How does homeschooling work exactly?” I smile a bit and laugh because the answer is so simple and yet so very complex. The very simple and short answer is that homeschool works exactly the way you want it to within the confines of your state’s laws.

Follow State Laws!!

The most important thing to do when you want to consider homeschooling is to look at the laws related to homeschooling in your state. However you decide to do your homeschool, you want to make sure that you are following the law. Some states require annual testing after a certain age (which can usually be performed at home) while other states simply want you to register your homeschool and the children who are enrolled. The best resource to do research regarding your state laws is with the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. They, obvsiouly, are very informed where the law is concerned and a great spring board.

Homeschooling is… Freedom.

After you determine your state laws and decide the best way for you and your family to follow them, then you can set up your homeschool however you see fit. Do you have to wake up and get dressed and start your day the way you would typically if your child was in public school? Absolutely not. You can decide to do your homeschool in the morning and have a free afternoon. Or, you and your kids can stay in your pajamas all day (while you sip your coffee and read the morning newspaper… or scroll FB) and do your school work in the afternoon or at night.

That’s the beauty of homeschooling… the freedom that comes with it. You get to live life at your pace. And not only do you get to choose your pace, you get to choose your method.

You get to decide whether you want to do your learning from workbooks and textbooks or whether you just want to learn from doing. You can have your children learn their subjects from videos/lectures or from online computer work.

Depending on where you’re located, you might even be able to find local homeschool groups, co-ops, that offer daily, weekly, or monthly enrichment/academics classes to your children just for a change of pace. Not only does this give you a teaching break and your kids someone else to listen to for a while, it also provides an opportunity for socialization with other kids and adults in a safe environment.

Just the way YOU like it!

Another beautiful thing about homeschooling is the ability to just get up and go whenever you want to. You can take an impromptu trip to grandma’s house or spend the day in the mountains. Or enhance your school day by going to the museum, the library, or a science center (the latter is my favorite!).

So that’s the long and short of it. Homeschooling works exactly the way you want it to.


Have you taken a step into the homeschooling arena? How did you fare? Did you enjoy the benefits of homeschooling or did you and your family go in a different direction? Let me know about your experience below!

Erin T. is a military wife, mom of two homeschooled boys, and works PRN at a local hospital. She has lived in multiple states incluing NC, VA, and KY. She enjoys writing articles about her homeschool journey and different life experiences. If you would like to email Erin directly, please do so at

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